Turn data into actionable knowledge with advanced food safety technology

Food companies have long invested in the collection of food safety data. Organizations may use that data to answer critical questions like, “is our equipment clean and safe to start production?” 

Indeed, collecting meaningful data is an important step in an effective environmental monitoring program. But food companies can do more with their data. Learning how to leverage innovative technologies is the key to turning data into actionable knowledge. 

Learn from 3M experts 

Advanced technology can help drive a preventive approach to food safety, from verifying you have cleaned effectively and that it’s safe to start production to automating the imaging, interpretation and tracking of microbial results

At the upcoming Global Food Safety Initiative (GSFI) Conference, 3M experts will present a framework for how some of 3M’s advanced technologies can be used to extract more value from your data.  

Join Jonathan Walsh, Ph.D., EMEA Technical Applications Leader, 3M Food Safety, and Alec Teagarden, Advanced Application Engineer, 3M Food Safety, for a GSFI Tech Talk exploring ways to elevate your data’s level of sophistication to help optimize processes, pursue continuous improvement, and support a strong food safety culture. 

We look forward to seeing you there.