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Ensuring high-quality and safe food: monitoring for spoilage organisms and allergens

None of us likes to be surprised by opening a container of butter and discovering it’s rancid. Nor do we enjoy reaching into a bag of apples to find a soft and squishy one. Food spoilage is inevitable for most products, but certain microorganisms can accelerate the decaying process. Improper storage and handling can expose … Continue reading “Ensuring high-quality and safe food: monitoring for spoilage organisms and allergens”


Why a faster method matters in Indicator testing

Microbiological analysis of food and a well thought out environmental monitoring plan forms the backbone of an effective safety and quality system for the food industry. The presence of undesirable organisms including both quality indicators and pathogenic organisms has necessitated routine microbiological testing with a goal to ensure food safety, quality and regulatory compliance. Routine … Continue reading “Why a faster method matters in Indicator testing”


Methods of Indicator Testing

With an ever-increasing consumer interest in food safety and quality combined with the added visibility and global communication of food recalls, sanitation and quality issues, the importance of testing continues to grow. For every stage of food preparation and handling before it shows up at the grocery store, testing methods help to prevent food-borne illnesses … Continue reading “Methods of Indicator Testing”

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Poultry in Motion

For developing nations aiming to increase food exports, establishing controlled food safety systems is becoming increasingly vital. One of the most interesting case examples can be seen in the poultry industry in Colombia. When it comes to the country’s contribution to the world’s diet, most minds go directly to coffee. Yet Colombian poultry production has … Continue reading “Poultry in Motion”