Gratitude (for you). It’s what’s on the menu.

It’s easy to think that meal preparation starts with a grocery list, a new recipe, or a glance in the pantry. But long before we plan a meal, swing by the deli, or pick up a carton of milk, YOU – our food safety experts – are hard at work. Before the vegetables are roasted, the eggs are scrambled or the meat is grilled, you are using science to do your job – and that’s not something we take for granted.

Expert food safety workers and managers like you play the critical role of helping produce food we can eat with confidence. Your tireless efforts help us serve up safer meals when we call our family to the table.  

To you – our unsung heroes

Because of you, we don’t wonder if our dinner is safe to dish up.

Because of you, when we grab a bite to eat, we can raise our forks with confidence.

Because of you, the world has a safer food supply.

Thank you. 3M is proud to partner with you to support the production of safer food.  

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