Food Safety Matters podcast episode wraps up food safety culture webinar series

Jonathan Walsh

3M Food Safety is committed to advancing food safety by sharing our thought leadership through learning events and publications. One such effort, a global food safety culture webinar series conducted in partnership with Food Safety Magazine, recently concluded with an hour-long episode on the Food Safety Matters podcast.

Lone Jespersen

Listen to the episode to hear host Barbara VanRenterghem interview Jonathan Walsh, 3M Food Safety, and Lone Jespersen, Ph.D., Cultivate. Jonathan and Lone share learnings and key take-aways from the five-part webinar series that ran from February to June. 

About the Global Food Safety Culture Webinar Series 

The Global Food Safety Culture Webinar Series was designed to help food safety professionals learn about five regional cultures (EuropeAustraliaAsiaU.S. and Canada, and Latin America) and how to leverage the unique characteristics of those cultures to improve food safety outcomes. You can watch all five webinars on-demand on the Food Safety Magazine website