Do you have five minutes to strengthen your food safety environmental monitoring program?

When you work in the food industry, a lot is on the line. Establishing and maintaining proactive preventative practices and procedures to help achieve the goals you strive for can be challenging. Where do you even begin? 3M Food Safety understands that challenge, and we might have a solution to help: our new Environmental Monitoring Assessment tool. 

A concise and flexible path to improvement.  

Our assessment is concise and customized to you. Answer less than a dozen questions, fully online, and you’ll get results right away. The best part? The tool adapts to your industry and specific concerns, so you only answer the questions most relevant to you. Your results will help you identify areas for possible improvement and provide materials to shape your environmental monitoring program. Curious to know how it works? 

It’s only a click away.  

As soon as you get to the tool’s welcome page, you’ll click the red button to get started. The tool will begin broadly, pinpointing the industry you work in and the kind of risk you deal with day-to-day. Then it will drill into your current environmental monitoring program: your program’s status, your main challenges and current testing methods. The tool will analyze what you shared and provide recommendations based on your unique needs. If you’d like to continue the conversation, you can also indicate your desire to discuss questions with a 3M expert. In the final stage of the assessment, you’ll gain access to resources relevant to the stage you’re in with your current program. 

Focus on the right target.  

We understand how challenging establishing and maintaining a robust environmental monitoring program can be. Our assessment tool can highlight the areas you should be focusing on to drive continuous improvement in your program and deliver the strong results you work hard for. We encourage you to try it out! In only five minutes, you may find the insights you need to optimize your environmental monitoring program.