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Committed to sustainability. On Earth Day and every day.

One billion. That’s how many individuals have mobilized for the future of the planet since the world’s first Earth Day in 1970. Over the last 50 years, the annual observance of April 22’s Earth Day has evolved but it continues to be an important day each year.  

Sustainability: a core value  

Our teams at 3M know positive environmental change comes from a dedication to sustainability every single day. In fact, we expect to invest approximately $1 billion over the next 20 years to accelerate new environmental goals:  

  • Achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, 
  • Reduce water use by 25% at our facilities, and  
  • Return higher quality water to the environment after use in manufacturing operations.  

Across 3M, not only do we prioritize sustainability in our own operations, we also invest in products and technologies that can help companies meet their own sustainability goals.  

But our focus on sustainability doesn’t happen at the expense of results.   

As important as environmental sustainability is to the planet, economic viability is just as critical for your business. That’s why our innovative food safety experts prioritize both.  

More sustainable solutions for the environment – and your business.  

As a prime example of our innovation delivering sustainable results, look no further than 3M™ Petrifilm™ Plates. For more than three decades, these “little red dots” have helped our customers reduce waste, cut greenhouse gas emissions, save energy and consume less water.  

One 3M study compared the environmental impacts of 3M Petrifilm Plates with traditional agar methods. The study found that when comparing raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, use and disposal, 3M Petrifilm Plates used:  

  • 76% less energy 
  • 79% less water
  • Emitted 75% less greenhouse gas  
  • Produced 66% less waste1 

Beyond delivering these benefits, 3M Petrifilm Plates also help to streamline, standardize and simplify the entire process of microbial indicator testing, contributing to the productivity and efficiency of your employees and processes.   

Another powerful example comes from our family of pathogen testing products.  A 3M study found that the 3M™ Molecular Detection Assay 2 – Salmonella method provides significant reductions in potential environmental impacts.  

Compared to the ISO 6579 cultural Salmonella method, the 3M Molecular Detection Assay 2 – Salmonella method resulted in reductions of:  

  • 77% in primary energy demand 
  • 77% in blue water consumption  
  • 76% in greenhouse gas emissions.2 

Plus, the use of the 3M Molecular Detection Assay 2 – Salmonella method reduced waste mass by 83% compared to the ISO 6579 method.  

Committed to sustainability in 2021 and beyond 

From our own operations to the products we invent, 3M is committed to sustainability. In fact, starting last year, we are formally embedding sustainability into every 3M product – meaning that each new product must help solve an environmental or social challenge.  

On Earth Day and every other day, 3M Food Safety partners with people like you around the world to help solve sustainability challenges. Are you ready to join us?