Building efficiencies to help combat labor shortages

As the economy works to bounce back from the effects of an ongoing pandemic, some businesses are struggling to staff up. Across the country, many store hours are limited, or service is slow. “Now hiring” signs decorate business windows, while other storefronts remain closed indefinitely as they search for willing workers.  

This labor shortage seems to be hitting all industries, including food manufacturing. If your lab or facility is short staffed, building process efficiencies may be a critical part of keeping up with demand. Two innovations from 3M might help.  

Save time in your lab.  

Now more than ever, productivity is priceless. It’s a crucial time to find ways to drive efficiency without compromising accuracy of results.  

With the 3M™ Petrifilm™ Plate Reader Advanced (PPRA), your lab can gain the ability to automate 3M™ Petrifilm™ Plate enumeration through fixed artificial intelligence (AI) networks, which can get you results in 4–6 seconds – that’s up to 900 plates per hour. The product also serves up accurate colony counting with proactive, easy-to-use software that simplifies results storage and data analytics, plus produces automated data and reports. 

If you’re working with a smaller staff, take advantage of this food testing hardware and software that utilizes technology to help streamline your operation and increase the productivity of your lab. But don’t take it from us; here is what one lab supervisor said about the 3M Petrifilm Plate Reader Advanced:  

“The PPRA has helped our lab tremendously. We have a high volume of Rapid Aerobic Count Petrifilm and the PPRA allows us to allocate one analyst to record the data from the film. The process previously required two analysts to spend two plus hours enumerating the RAC film, but now one analyst can complete the task in less than an hour with the PPRA…The flexibility that the PPRA offers has been very beneficial to this lab over the past eight months. During these times where staffing is a challenge, having the ability to streamline a process is incredibly valuable.”   

Jon Hammond, Lab Supervisor at Midwest Labs 

Simplify your workflow.  

Right now, finding ways to work more efficiently might help you keep up with your facility’s workload. Gain confidence in your pathogen testing process with the simplified, advanced technology of the 3M™ Molecular Detection System

3M offers a single post-enrichment protocol for all pathogens with ready-to-use reagents and same- or next-day results. You can even test multiple pathogens simultaneously, helping you save time and do more with the employees you have.  

Innovations that support productivity.  

With the current labor shortage highlighting the need for productivity and efficiency more than ever before, take advantage of our special starter kit offers for the 3M Petrifilm Plate Reader Advanced and the 3M Molecular Detection System, available through the end of the year.