Advancing the future of microbiology, one classroom at a time.

In an age of virtual-first education, hands-on experiences have taken on even greater meaning. As universities prepare to bring back students for the next semester, many educators are searching for ways to add practical, in-person experiences to their syllabi. One Marquette University adjunct professor did just that—at no cost to his university thanks to a little assistance from 3M Food Safety.  

Developing a Valuable Education Experience 

On an October Saturday last fall, 50 students from several universities in eastern Wisconsin gathered in person for a Sustainability Workshop event, which civil engineering professor Mike Paddock had been preparing for since the summer.  

Paddock planned for one of the event sessions to focus on drinking water systems. Students would get the opportunity to explore water supply, quality and treatment by testing water samples from wells, springs and ponds, plus a control sample of bottled water.  

“As always, students love hands on activities. Especially during this time of COVID, they thrive when given the opportunity to work on activities and participate,” says professor Paddock. To help provide the experience he was looking for, Paddock turned to the 3M Food Safety University Sample Program.  

Partnering with 3M Food Safety  

Designed to support food science curriculums and advance the future of microbiology, 3M Food Safety’s University Sample Program provides complimentary 3M™ Petrifilm™ Plates, 3M™ Clean-Trace Swabs, 3M™ Sample Bags and 3M™ Dilution Blanks for use in the classroom.  

To gather the products his students needed to test water samples, Paddock submitted a request on our website and got connected to 3M Food Safety Inside Sales Representative Madison Donegan. Donegan worked with Paddock directly to ensure the product samples made it to his classroom on time. “He [Paddock] loves this program and really appreciates the value it brings to his students,” Donegan reflected.   

At the October event, students used 3M Petrifilm Plate product samples to learn how bacteria is tested, how to read results and why those results may be of interest to the community.  

“We have used the program over the years as a great way to understand bacteria and its management/mitigation. It has always received high reviews from students and we really love the program,” says Paddock.  

Are you a university in the United States interested in taking advantage of 3M Food Safety’s University Sample Program?