How Dairy Regulations Impact You

January 22, 2019 by 3M Food Safety

We love our dairy. Milk, cheese and yogurt – they are tasty and chock-full of nutrients. They’re also highly regulated. Whether you are building a brand-new dairy facility or have been in the food and beverage business for more than one hundred years, you have seen a great deal of change in the food processing … Continue reading “How Dairy Regulations Impact You”

Unique technologies power new food safety testing system

Fast, easy, accurate. What qualities do you want in a new work tool? Speed, simplicity, efficiency, accuracy? That’s what food safety professionals said they were looking for when testing for pathogens. So, 3M scientists set out to create a new testing system that met those needs. The result? The 3M™ Molecular Detection System –  a … Continue reading “Unique technologies power new food safety testing system”


Testing and verification for allergens

Method Acting: Comparing different analytical methods for allergen testing and verification Every day, food industries around the world work to comply with the food labeling directives and regulations in place to inform consumers about specific ingredients added to finished products. Of course, special attention has been placed on ensuring that product packaging clearly declares the … Continue reading “Testing and verification for allergens”

Environmental Monitoring

An effective environmental monitoring program, when part of an overall food safety system, can help extend product shelf life, reduce risk of recalls, and reduce costs. Learn about best practices in a five-part webinar series about environmental monitoring that builds in complexity as you progress through the program.

Food Spoilage

Food processors, retailers and consumers are forced to throw out food due to microbial spoilage. Take an upcoming course about food spoilage with 3M Food Safety and food spoilage expert Dr. Randy Worobo of Cornell University.

Global Food Safety Symposium

Food safety is a global topic that effects all of us. 3M works with leading industry experts to discuss some of the emerging issues. Watch what industry experts, Frank Yiannas and Dr. Martin Wiedmann have to say top trends that will create change and how food waste and spoilage are becoming more relevant.